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room A room B room C  


06.Viola Bajaníková 05.Světlana Yakub  07.Kyou Ohtake  
  12:00 - 18:30 15:00 - 18:00 12:00 - 18:30  


01. Marlaine Verhelst 02.Viktoria Kostina 07.Kyou Ohtake  
  09:00 - 15:30 09:00 - 15:30 10:30 - 18:30  


 03.Anna Zueva  04.Marina Dorogush 07.Kyou Ohtake  
  09:00 - 15:30 09:00 - 17:30 09:30 - 16:30  

07. Kyou Ohtake

Your own BJD doll

The Course is occupied.

In this course you will create a 70 cm- high BJD doll that has all the necessary joints to “be” alive, beautiful details are also the movable fingers. You will create and mold the details of your own original doll on the base of prepared components. Outstanding artist and teacher Kyou Ohtake will show you the highest level of doll production with spherical joints.

Expected course dates:


24.11.2017 12:00 - 18:30

25.11.2017 10:30 - 18:00

26.11.2017   9:30 - 16:30


Maximum number of students: 9


Course price: 4.670,-CZK

The price of the package to be bought for the course: 205, -EUR (to be paid to the lecturer)

Package contents: 25 doll pieces + joints, modeling clay for details

The tools you need to bring with you: Art cutter(Art cutter is €5.), cutter knife, art brush, SPATULA, apron, cloth, bring a large bag, and towels or some materials for rapping their doll will be usuful.


Glass eyes (16 or 18 mm in diameter) and wigs (27/28 cm) are optional. Could be bought during the course. The price varies. If you have your own, please bring with you.

1.Jennifer C.

2.Kristina U.

3.Iveta P.

4.Daniela Š.

5.Agnieszka T.

6.Eva E.

7.Natalia B.

8.Natália F.

9.Andrea D.


01a. Marlaine Verhelst

Sculping hands and bare feet

In this course students will learn how to sculpt good hands and bare feet in air dry clay fitting a 7 cm doll head. 


The teacher will prepare and bring base forms to work on. 


Date of course: Saturday 25.11.2017

Start : at 9:00 a.m. 

Price of the course: 1980,- CZK


Students will need to pay for the kit (4 base forms plus clay to finish the hands 

and feet) 10 Euro. 



Maximum number of participants:12 


Students don't have to bring anything. Teacher will bring all 

tools and materials. 


.1.Irena P.

2.Renáta K.

3.Zuzana A.K.

4.Dagmar F.

5.Jitka P.

6.Veronika S.

7.Maryna T.

02. Viktoria Kostina

Christmas tree decoration in old Victorian style

You will make a Christmas-tree decoration in Victorian style made of cotton wool.


The Course Term is Saturday, November 25th 2017

Start: at 9:00 a.m.


The Course price is 1980,- CZK


The cost of the professional materials set is 120,- CZK (paid directly to the teacher)


Maximum number of participants: 5-12



What you need to bring with you:

1. Watercolors

2. Pencil

3. Scissors

4. Strong white threads

5. Sculpting tools

6. Brushes - for drawing 0-2, 8-10, wide brush synthetic or natural for glue

7. Apron



A set for making a Christmas tree decoration.

Price: 120,- CZK

It includes:

Doll face, wire, cotton, glue



1.Martina K.

2.Eva K

3.Hanka U.

4.Iva M.

5.Tereza M.

6.Lydia F.

03. Anna  Zueva

Doll head


The Course is occupied.

Course Doll head - master class from the doll artist Anna Zueva

For 6 hours we will learn how to sculpt and paint a doll head - the basis of the image of the art doll.


Course Term: Sunday 26.11.2017

Course price: 1980, -CZK

Start: at 9:00 a.m.

Students will need to pay for the kit : 10 Euro 

Maximum number of students: 10-12


What you need to bring with you:


1. Paperclay or any other self-                     hardening clay,

2. Sculpting tools

3. Paper knife

4. Acrylic + Watercolor + Colored Pencils

5. Brushes: thin for the eyes painting (No. 1 or No. 2), thick flat for face toning (natural bristle number 6 or No. 7)

6. Box to transport the doll head home.


What set I supply you with

1. Base for the head covered with thin layer of paperclay

2. A set of three kinds of sandpaper

3. Paint mixing plates

4. Face proportions schematics printout

Set price is 10 euro


1.Markéta S.

2.Monika Ž.

3.Lýdia Š.

4.Irena P.

5.Lída K.

6.Renáta K.

7.Veronika S.

8.Zuzana A.K.

9.Alena S.

10.Gayle G.

11.Eva K.

12.Dagmar F.


1. Natalia V.

2. Alena S.

3.Hanka U.

4.Petra B.



04. Marina Dorogush

My Favorite Friend - Teddy Bear

The course is occupied! There is second chance for those who are interested in course! Apply now!

You will get acquainted with the technique of creating classic Teddy bears.The course is designed for beginners.At the end of the course, you will have a fully sewn bear (15 cm) on the author's pattern.

The Course Term is Sunday, November 26th 2017

Start : at 9:00 a.m.

The Course Price is 1980,- CZK

The professional materials set to create a Teddy bear is for 550 CZK

Maximum number of participants: 10-12



Required Tools:

1. Small manicure scissors with sharp cutting tips.

2. The tailor's awl (preferably cone-shaped)

3. Medical tweezers for padding, medium size

4. Needles for stitching parts

5. Ball point pins (preferably of dark colour)

6. Needles long for sewing eyes

7. Small pliers with narrowed tips

8. Medical cartsang for twisting the details

9. Tweezers for eyebrows

10. Mirror on the stand

11. Notebook, pen


The professional materials set to create a Teddy bear is for 550 CZK

It includes:

1. Bear pattern (different colours)

2. Eyes- 2 pcs

3. Disks - 10 pcs, washers - 10 pcs, cotter pins - 5 pcs.

4. Embroidary thread for noses

5. Thread for eyes stitching

6. Sailor collar for decorating

7. Metal granulate for weighting bears

8. Bag for granules


Material for padding and threads for stitching are provided on the course.


1.Zuzana N.K.

2.Dana K.

3.Katarína Č.

4.Marina F.

5.Naďa F.

6.Iva M.

7.Tereza M.

8.Simona S.

9.Alča K.

10.Alenka K.

11.Kateřina K.

12.Milena K.

05. Svetlana Yakub

Little Porcelain Doll - Angel

Make your first porcelain doll!

Within about 3 hours you will make a small porcelain doll from the finished porcelain pieces prepared by the teacher. The doll can be a beautiful Christmas present. The course is for beginners.

Make your first porcelain doll!



The Course term is on Friday, November 24th 2017

Start: at 3:00 p.m.

The Course price: 990,- CZK


The kit is paid directly to the teacher of the course: 250 CZK


Maximum number of participants: 12


What you need to bring with you:



Sewing needles - one of usual size, the second is thick, 5-6 cm long

Strong thread.


Angel making set Price: 250,- CZK


It includes:

1. Porcelain doll head

2. Porcelain hands and legs

3. Stitched parts of the body, shoulders, legs

4. Padding








1.Eva K.

2.Hanka U.

3.Božena L.

4.Petra B.

5.Šárka Č.

6.Zuzana V.

7.Eva P.


06.Viola Bajanikova

Small Angel - textile doll

Would you like to have your own Guardian Angel? You can sew it on the course. It will be a textile doll 30 cm high by the author's pattern of Viola Bajanikova.

The course date:           Friday 24.11.2017 

The course price:                   1980 ,-CZK 

Start: at 12:00

Price of the kit which is required for the course, is 700 CZK. This amount must be paid directly to the lecturer.                                                         


Maximum number of participants: 12

What to bring with you:

1.     Fabric for clothes (panties + shirt) 95x20cm

2.     White and colored threads

3.     Lace of 4 cm width - 170cm

4.     Elastic band for panties about 20 cm

5.     Key

6.     String for the key

7.     A small star for the hair

8.     The filler (about 200 g of synthetic wool)

9.     Needles, pins, scissors

10.Marker or chalk for textiles.

11.A wooden stick about 1 cm in diameter, 20 cm long (narrowed and rounded at one end)

12. Padding fork.



The price kit: 700,-CZK

What is KIT: 

1. Photo + instructions with patterns

2. Parts of the body (trunk, head, arms, legs) and wings machine sewn

3. A filled head with a painted face

4. Hair wound on a pattern and stitched

5. 2 fabric-covered buttons for hands’ joints

+ Instructions for another doll under the pattern of the angel (with a photo and patterns on the doll's clothes).

1.Zuzana N.K.

2.Blanka Z.

3.David H.

4.Vendulka B.

5.Hana Č.

6.Irena L.

7.Emília L.

8.Iveta P.

9.Eva G.

10.Blažena O.

11.Andrea M.

Eva Hodinková Heller


A course with a professional puppeteer and award-winner doll artist Eva Hodinek Heller. 

Be a puppeteer for a couple of hours, cut out and assemble a puppet, marionette. You will see that carving is easier than you thought.


price of the course: 1950 CZK

maximum number of students: 6

minimum number of students: 5

age from: 12 years for all generations

date and time: 26.11.2017 from 9:30 to 16:30 (lunch break)

Material and tools included (excluding set)

Set price: 500 CZK (pay directly at the place to the lecturer)

- 4 pieces of leavened lime wood, head, body, legs

- ostrich and pheasant feathers

- wire 

Order, patch and information at:

Eva Heller Watching / WING WOOD /



Ozlem Akin

Stop-motion puppet workshop

In this workshop, award winning director and doll artist Ozlem Akin will be teaching how to make a stop-motion puppet with a wire armature and tie-downs from scratch. In this 8-hour course you will make a wire armature, sculpt and paint the head, hands and feet, and prepare a simple costume. You will be using a wide variety of materials such as epoxy clay, polymer clay, heat-set oil paints, etc. and learning important tips and tricks about how to design and create characters for stop-motion animation. 

Date of course:

Friday November 24th        2:00PM - 6:30 PM

Saturday November 25th   10:00AM - 2:30PM

Price of the course: 4.500,-CZK



More information and payment of the COURSE ANIMATION here:




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