VII. mezinárodní výstava profesionálních uměleckých panenek, loutek a medvídků Teddy

VII. International Exhibition of Art Dolls, Marionettes and Teddy Bears

VII. Международная выставка авторских кукол, марионеток и тедди-медведей

Conditions for participants of the 7th international exhibition „Doll Prague“ in Prague


6 – 8 November 2020

Organized by: ART CZ z.s.


Conditions for participants:


Date and location of the exhibition:


The exhibition is going to start on the 6 of November and end on the 8 of November 2020. It will take place in Palas Lucerna, Stepanska 61, Prague 1 1100, Czech Republic.


The opening times are:

  6.11.2020   12:00 am - 08:00 pm

  7.11.2020   09:30 am - 07:00 pm

  8.11.2020   09:30 am - 06:30 pm




Is obligated to provide participants with the area entitled to exhibiting their art works in accordance to the applications for the entire time of the exhibition.

Provides participants (individuals and organizations) with everything necessary for exhibiting, including creation and distribution of advertising materials of the exhibition and possible preparation works.


The organizer is authorized to change setting or shape of a stand/exhibition point of the participant in case the size of the exhibiting area will not be affected if not expectable technical restrictions happen.

In other cases, changes are possible only with the approval of the participant. The organizer is responsible for the layout of the exhibition, its possible changes or adjustments of individual parts.


The organizer is entitled to unrestricted access to all stands/exhibition points to check upon its condition, state of engineering networks, building constructions and the architectonic unit.


The organizer is not responsible for participant’s personal belongings (money, valuables etc.) The organizer ensures night guarding of the exhibition. The participants are responsible for their displays during the opening hours according to the time schedule.


The organizer does not face consequences in case of vis maior (floods, fire etc.). In case when the organizer is forced to cancel the exhibition for the reasons beyond his control (in case of the government ban on the public events), they will transfer the participation fees (eg registration fee, exhibition spot fee) paid by the participant to the organizer, to the same postponed event. The organizer is not responsible for other costs of the participants.


Participant is obliged:


-     To present the artworks that are fully compatible with the theme of the exhibition

-     Use only the entitled area for his/ her exhibition (area of the stand/ exhibition point) without affecting peripheral borders of the provided area

-     At the end of the exhibition, participant must return entire construction and equipment of the stand in undamaged condition. In case of any damages (for example signs of duct tape usage), participant must refund all the works connected with the repair of damaged and clean-up of contaminated elements of stand construction and other equipment.

-     Ensure a permanent presence of himself/ herself or of the other representative (assistant) at the stand during the exhibition opening hours

-     Comply with the rules of sanitation and fire safety.

-     Ensure dismantling and removing all displayed exhibits, informational and promotional materials from the exhibition area at the time of 10:00 pm

     November 8, 2020, to refrain from dismantling and cleaning of the exhibits before 06:30 pm.

-     Not to violate the rules of the exhibition, disturb other participants by noise, music and lighting effects. Participant is obliged to consult all promotional activities with the organizer. Any audio or moving advertising outside the stand of the participant must be agreed in advance and in writing form with the organizer, to avoid interference with other participants and visitors. Any advertising that violates the integrity of the exhibition, ethics and morality, or harm the prestige of the exhibition and/ or of the organizer, may be prohibited by the organizer. In the event that the participant fails to obey the instructions of the organizer, the supply of the electricity to the stand of participant can be terminated regardless of the damage caused to the lighting booth. At the same time the participant is not entitled to compensation for any damage whether direct or indirect, caused by a power outage.

-     Obtain organizer’s accreditation to participate in the TV shooting.

-     Not perform any activities that are prohibited or are in conflict with applicable legislation.





It is not allowed to:


-     reduce the passage ways between exhibition points and stands by merchandise, furniture and other exposition equipment, the actual exposition, decorations, containers or other items. Engage in such behaviour or activity that would disturb the work of other participants.

-     Use passage ways as a place for own activity. Presentation or other form of activity with illustrating is possible only on the stage or in the spaces of the exhibition which are reserved for such activity. The scenario of the presentation or activity must be provided to the organizer of the exhibition beforehand.

-     Provide exhibition points or space to a third party, not even partially or for payment or for free without a written approval of the organizer.

-     Sell industrial made products which do not correspond with the theme of the exhibition.

-     Paste stickers (with one-sided or double-sided tape or any tape) on rented equipment or walls of stands.

-     Damage in any way (by taping, installing or expanding etc.) the stands or other equipment.

-     Conduct building or assembling work inside the exhibition without the organizer’s approval.

-     Place or distribute promotional materials of own or of third parties within or on their own stand or exhibition point without the written approval of the organizer.

-     Show promotional presentations inside the building and in the close premises without the written approval of the organizer.

-     Use any type of electronic appliance inside the stand (tea kettles, heaters, irons etc.)

-     Decorate the stand or point with helium inflated balloons.

-     Redistribute or move furniture and stand/exhibition point equipment without the approval of the organizer.

The exhibition participants who do not adhere to the regulations instructed by the organizer are obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 5000 (five thousand) Czech crowns and settle all caused damages. The organizer is also reserving the right to invalidate immediately all contracts with this participant who has violated the Conditions of participation without the right for a refund of any fee paid.


The registration fee is mandatory for all exhibition participants, assistants excluded. It is used for informational and promotional purposes and is not returned in case of a cancellation. The cost of the registration fee of 1300 Czech crowns.


Included in this amount is: the participant wrist band + one participant wrist band for the assistant. For every additional registration fee only one wrist band is given. One participant certificate (diploma) is included (other certificates are paid separately).


Note: Transfer or render of registration wrist bands to third parties is considered a breach of the Conditions of participation. In case of disclosure, the wrist band will be confiscated and a fine in the amount of 5000 Czech crowns. I tis possible to purchase an additional wrist band at the exhibition cash desk. The price for additional wrist bands will be announced subsequently.


The Exhibition place or stand is:


Grand Hall (commercial zone) upper level around the hall

·      Commercial table 150cm x 60cm + 1 chair



Grand Hall (art zone) upper level around the hall

·      Art table 150cm x 60cm + 1 chair



Grand Hall (art zone):

·      Exhibitor’s table 150cm x 60 cm + 1 chair (maximum number of 2 artists)

·      Treangular stand 250cm x 250cm – with two side walls, without front wall + 2 lights, banner with artist’s name, 1 table (150cm x 60cm x 75 cm) or 1 table (200cm x 100 cm x110 cm), 1 chair (maximum number of artists: 2)

·      Podium 100x100x100cm + 1 chair (maximum number of artists: 1)

·    Puppeteer Stand 150cm x 100cm + textile, 2 lights, 1 table, 1 chair



·      Exhibitor’s table 150cm x 60 cm + 1 chair (maximum number of 2 artists)




Reservation of the exhibition area and Payment:


Reservation of stand/exhibition point is possible after obtaining the receipt of the written request and a payment of the registration fee. After receiving a registration email, registration fee and consequently stand / exhibition point together with other services will be invoiced to the participant. This reservation is valid for a maximum of one month. If this deadline is not paid the full amount for the rental of booth / exhibition space and other services, the organizer has the right to offer the place to another participant. Payment can be done by a bank transfer to the financial account of the exhibition or by cash to the cashier of the exhibition. Afterwards the receipt will be issued by the organizer.


Terms and timelines:


In the case of written refusal of participation at the exhibition provided by the participant, the cancellation fee of 50% of the amount paid will be invoiced in case that the notice was received before September 1, 2020. In case that the cancellation notice was delivered later (after the September 1, 2020), the cancellation fee is 100% of the amount. Registration fee is not refundable.




All payments are possible to be paid using a bank transfer to the following account. In a note for the recipient, please indicate always the name and surname of the participant, as stated in the application.


Banking contacts:




Payment in CZK

Account Number: 2900319155/2010

Into the textbox write: DP + your name as stated in the application.



Information for payments from abroad: Fees for payment from abroad shall be borne by the participant. Banking operation code is: OUR

(In case that the participant fails to pay these charges, the difference will be automatically deducted from the amount sent and his payment will be recorded as partial)

Into the textbox write: DP + your name as stated on the application form.


Name of Beneficiary: ART CZ

Address of Beneficiary: V Domcích 53/23, Prague 6, 162 00,

Czech Republic

Account Number: 2900319155/2010

IBAN: CZ9420100000002900319155





Account Number: 2000732083/2010


Information for payments from abroad:

Fees for payment from abroad shall be borne by the participant. Banking operation code is: OUR

(In case that the participant fails to pay these charges, the difference will be automatically deducted from the amount sent and his payment will be recorded as partial)


Name of Beneficiary: ART CZ

Address of Beneficiary: V Domcích 53/23, Prague 6, 162 00, Czech Republic

Bank of Beneficiary: Fio banka, Inc.

Account number: 2000732083/2010

IBAN: CZ1620100000002000732083


Into the textbox write: COMPETITION + your name as stated on the application.



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Art curator of Teddy Bear:

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Art contest manager:

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Asistant for the Russian speaking participants and visa applicants: 

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