Mezinárodní výstava profesionálních uměleckých panenek, loutek a medvídků Teddy

International Exhibition of Art Dolls, Marionettes and Teddy Bears

Exposition internationale de poupées d'art, de marionnettes et d'oursons Teddy

Международная выставка авторских кукол, марионеток и тедди-медведей

November 8 - 10th, 2024

Lucerna Palace - Prague 1

Theme of the exhibition: "Music is the language of emotion" (Bedřich Smetana)


  • Adachi Ann
  • Alexandrová Julia
  • Andrlová Helena
  • Anufrijeva Tatjana
  • Antonenko Olga
  • AOBA
  • Asenova Mariya
  • Ashumova Vafa
  • Avci Marina
  • Kotlyar Alla

Opening hours

November 8 - 10, 2024
                    Friday:      12.00 am - 08.00 pm
                    Saturday:  09.30 am - 07.00 pm
                    Sunday:    09.30 am - 06:00 pm
Attention! On Friday, November 8rd 2024


Dear friends!
 Thank you for your interest in the "Doll Prague" exhibition. 


What can you expect?

• A beautiful, fairytale exhibition on Lucerna Palace next to Wenceslav square /Vaclavske namesti. The palace was built under the project of engineer Vaclav Havel (the grandfather of Czech ex president Vaclav Havel). Since then till now the Lucerna castle still belongs to the Havel family

• Professional doll artists from 20 world countries – European countries, Japan, countries of the USA, Africa, Korea, New Zealand ...

• Free presentations of techniques of artists - members of NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists)

• Presentations of Czech art schools

• Personal participation of 80 professional doll and Teddy bears artists

• Master classes lead by famous artists, designed for both amateurs and professionals

• Two international art contests Art Doll Prague and Teddy Bear Prague with a professional jury and a competition with prizes for visitors

• A commercial area where you can purchase both fine art items, Christmas presents, and materials for your own creativity

• The exhibition is intended for fans of art, collectors and investors, as well as for the general public - families with children, students ... with the opportunity to eat at a reasonable price.

visitors came to see us last year
talented and famous

Art projects:


The Japanese Art School of Prof. Kyou Ohtake takes us into the world of Japanese traditions, wisdom and fairy tales.


The project will be presented by:

Kyou Ohtake

Yumi Morikawa



Ayama KATO




Ann Adachi


Yukeko Nakamura





 Anna Zueva - Lithuania


A splendid art project by the Lithuanian artist where you will encounter numerous mysterious creatures and plants.

Let yourself be enchanted...


Tarot Dolls

Ludmila Bezusko Poland


Polish artist Luda Bezusko

will present an art project inspired by tarot cards. The exposition presents a set of 15 dolls made of textile. Each symbolizes one of the Major Arcana tarot cards. The unique project combines art and magical elements creating a world of wonder and wisdom.

"not Scary Tales"

Studio 14, Tallinn


Tatiana Gurina
Nadya Kravchenko
Elena Kuzub
Sveta Alekseeva
Tiina Kaljuste
Tasha Vasilek
Tatiana Mokhryakova
Natalja Volohhonski

Lada Miller
Тatiana Muhina
Тatiana Judina
Svetlana Sorgina

The studio's project will feature decorations based on Viive Noor's graphics.



National Institute of American Doll Artists



Would you like to know the story of the artists of the National Institute of the art doll makers of the United States? You will be pleasantly surprised! NIADA members are glad to introduce themselves:

Verhelst Marlaine / NL
Shively Benjamin Christine / USA
Pivnyuk Tamara / UA
Hodinková Eva / CZ
Pelukh Juliet / UA
Blythe Stephanie / USA



To all doll artists!

NIADA is an international organization of doll artists, based in the USA.
Is it your dream to become part of this organization then please visit the website: and don't forget to read the part about what it takes to become a NIADA artist:
During the International Doll Prague exhibition there will be limited possibility to have an Artist Membership Critique in Prague. If you are interested please contact Marlaine Verhelst marlaine(at)


Are you interested? Apply as soon as possible!

Marlaine Werhelst /NL

Your frequently requested course is here again!

Face modelling
- facial expressions of the emotions from self-hardening material


It is one of the most important stages of making an art doll. If you have fallen under the spell of artistic dolls, don't hesitate! Participants will create two different facial expressions at their discretion on 7cm heads. Next, of course, they will learn the secrets of painting and highlighting one of the selected facial expressions with watercolor paints.
Attention! this course is suitable for both beginners and advanced


You can get more information in the menu on the Workshops page


Caroline van Stiphout/NL a Viktoria Kostina /CZ

Scarf puppet workshop - a dancing puppet with a textile body.

Together with Caroline and Viktoria in 1-2 hours you will assemble a dancing puppet, personalise it and learn how to play with it. The workshop is available to everyone at any time during the exhibition. The workshop is also suitable for children from 7 years old accompanied by an adult. The organisers have prepared sets of materials for you to create a puppet with fabrics of different colours. All necessary tools and additional materials to personalise your character are provided. The workshop is held at the exhibition place of Caroline and Viktoria on the first balkony
The cost of the workshop is 400 czk The cost of a set of materials 250 czk
ou can get more information in the menu on the Workshops page

Olga Norviliene


 During the workshop "Prague Elf" we will make  a doll from the self-dried clay. The course is suitable for beginners. On the course we will sculpture, paint an form the body of the Elf. Also we will create a costume by means od application. The coursewill last two days, November 3-4, from 10-15(lunch break included). The maximum number of participants is 8 people.

You can get more information in the menu on the Workshops page



Contact information:

Lucerna Palace, Štěpánská 61, Prague 1

How to get there:

  • Tram 14, 5, 3, 9, 24, 6, 94, 95, 96, 91,
    station: Vaclavske namesti
  • Coordinates: 50 ° 4'54 "N, 14 ° 25'33.7"
    passage: Stepanska - Vodickova - Vaclavske namesti
  • Metro A, B
    station: Mustek
  • Parking
    Palladium, Kotva, Černá růže, Štěpánská St., Panská St.