VII. mezinárodní výstava profesionálních uměleckých panenek, loutek a medvídků Teddy

VII. International Exhibition of Art Dolls, Marionettes and Teddy Bears

VII. Международная выставка авторских кукол, марионеток и тедди-медведей


workshops manager: Jana Kučerová


Bonus for each course (during the show) - ENTRY TO THE DOLL PRAGUE IS FREE!


 classroom A  classroom B classroom C clasroom D
Friday 11/11/2022        
Saturday 12/11/2022  Puppet on wheels   Bat   
  9:30-16:00    10-15   

Sunday 13/11/2022

 Puppet on wheels    Bat  
   9:30-16:00    10-15  

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Will be sold during the exhibition or sent to collectors of dolls, teddy bears and marionettes. 
It is a great chance to show and sell your products!

Opening hours 

November 11– 13,  2022
Friday:    12.00 am - 8.00 pm
Saturday:  9.30 am - 7.00 pm
Sunday:    9.30 am - 6.30 pm
Friday, November 11, 2022

Workshops information


01. Marlaine Verhelst /NL

Puppet on wheels

Would you like to touch the world of doll art? Then this course is for you! You are in good hands and in the right place under the leadership of the Dutch School of Art and the Art Director of the American Association NIADA


Date: November 2022


Place: The Lucerna Palace


Price: 3960,-CZK

(The price includes study, know-how, interpreter, rent,....)





Marlain Verhelst is going to present two-days workshop where the students would create  wonderful stylish puppet on wheels. You will sculpt the head and paint it with watercolors in a theatre style. Students do not need to bring anything to the couse. Everything needed is in the kit.

The course is intended both for the beginners and intermediate artists who wants to find out some new tricks in sculpting and painting the puppet's head.


Kit:Class kit fee will be Euro 15 including everything needed:

basic head, clay, armature, body/costume, stuffing, wheels, lace bobbins for

arms, hair, hat



Tolls and materials: The students will bring only fan and the box to pack the puppet.







  1. Božena L.
  2. Radka N.
  3. Virginia O.
  4. CHristina R.
  5. Zuzana D.
  6. Yulia Y.







02./Tatjana Mokhriakova/EE





Place: The Lucerna Palace

Price: 5940,- CZK

(The price includes study, know how, interpreter, rent,..)


Master class – lecturer prepared a course of retro-teddy bear production, according to the classic, original pattern from 1908. The students make the teddy bear from a specially painted, antique plush. The teddy bear will be about 24 cm tall and like a real, antique teddy bear.


Master class - how to make a classic teddy bear Teddy from mohair (according to the regulations for the author's collector's teddy bear) with a size of 24 cm.


Day 1: A little bit of Teddy Bear history, teaching about materials and tools, cutting rules. We cut, cut and sew parts.


Day 2: Filling/stuffing parts with wood sawdust and wood wool. The use of various granulates to balance the body of the teddy bear.



Day 3: Completion of the teddy bear, complete technology of processing the muzzle and aging. Costume cut. 




Maximum number of students: 5-7 (individual approach to each student)

Tools and materials: small sharp scissors, everything else is included in the kit price!!!




cotter pins and discs


metal discs




glass eyes


threads and needles for sewing


threads for embroidery of muzzle and paws


sawdust and wood straw for filling


stuffing tools


material for costume



kit: mohair, cotter pins and discs, metal discs, granulate, glass eyes, threads and needles for sewing, 


threads for embroidery of muzzle and paws


sawdust and wood straw for filling


stuffing tools


material for costume





Price of the kit:

25 EUR





  1.  Iva M.
  2.  Oldřiška V.
  3. Markéta S.
  4. Natálie S.
  5. Veronika S.




  1. Badilina K.
  2.  Marina I.





03./Oleg Katorgin/CZ


This course is completely something new.You will make a unique decorative bat.


Date: two days on November 2022


Place: The Lucerna Palace


Price: 3960,-CZK

(The price includes study, know-how, interpreter, rent,....) 



Info:The course will be led by the well-known screenwriter, director and artist Oleg Katorgin. This is a two-day course from which each student will take away a bat figure. The bat is sculpted from a special author's material. In addition, students do not need to bring any materials, except for the eyes.(Eyes can be a pair of beads, buttons, oval rhinestones or crystals. Must not have a diameter greater than 15 mm). Everything will be in a kit that students will buy directly from the lecturer. 

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced students.. 
Materials and tools:The lecturer will bring all the tools. To speed things up, students can bring a hair dryer.

Kit: 20,- EUR


The kit includes: modeling clay, leather, wood, wire, glue, paint, varnish, fabric for the wings. 




Tolls and materials: The lecturer will bring all the tools. To speed things up, students can bring a hair dryer and EYES.







  1. Alison J.
  2. Jana P.
  3. Helena A.







Anastazia Yanovskaya/RU


How come without classic at the exhibition? The art doll is just for you!

Three-day course


 Location: Lucerna Palace


 Price: 5940, - Czk


 (The course price includes training, know-how, translator, rent ...)


 Info: Columbina - a doll on a wooden stand.  The material used is Artista Formo.  In the first lesson, we model the head, arms, and legs.  We will also learn how to make a doll from a wire frame - this technique will be taught in Prague for the first time.  In the second lesson we will edge, hone the details, paint the face.  In the last lesson, we will sew a suit, glue hair and create a hairstyle.  A decorative heart can be done in the last lesson, or students will create it as homework.


 Maximum number of participants: 10-12


 The course is suitable for beginners and intermediate students.




 Tools that students bring: scissors, transparent glue, modeling tools (who has it)




Kit: plastic from Artista Formo, modeling tool (if necessary), material for the dress (red or blue - indicate what color you want), material for the skirt and collar, material for the heart (ribbon, lace, beads), the basis for  heads and legs, wire for the doll’s frame, wooden pedestal, brushes for modeling and painting, sandpaper, hair.




 Note: if you are interested in another kit, please contact us!



Kit price: 25.00 euros (including modeling tool)


                             20,00 EUR (without modeling tool)




  1. Věra A.
  2. Vladimíra H.
  3. Petra J.
  4. Ala R./červený mat.
  5. Jana P.
  6. Miroslava J.
  7. Veronika S.
  8. Jitka N.
  9. Helena A.
  10. Helena P.
  11. Helena P.
  12. Jana C. 

01./E.J. Taylor /USA

Art doll and CARNIVAL MASK



Place: The Lucerna Palace


Price: 3960,- CZK

(The price includes study, know-how, interpreter, rent,....)

 This course is not for beginners!



Modeling and painting head and chest prom Paperclay. It is interesting that the head will also include a removable carnival mask of the same material, which will be decorated with paint, decorative paper, small vintage sequins from the Paris flea market and paper petals. You will also learn how to create a beautiful carnival costume using decorative media. And all in two days! Note: the motivational photo shows only the drawing by the author, not the finished work!




Tolls and materials:


Kit: 15EUR


bring with you:

170g Creative Paperclay


01./A Marlaine Verhelst /NL





Place: The Lucerna Palace


Price: 1980,-CZK

(The price includes study, know-how, interpreter, rent,....)



Painting an air dry sculpted face with water color technique. Students can bring their heads from the Sculpting Class or from my sculpting class in a former year, like the facial expressions classes.



Tolls and materials: The lecturer will bring all tolls. The students will bring only fan and the box to pack the ready doll's head.




There is no kit fee for this class. Teacher will bring all materials and tools for using. 







  1. Alison 
  2. Šárka Z.
  3. Markéta K.
  4. Vladimíra H.
  5. Jana P.
  6. Renata A.




02.Barbara Willis /USA

author of book bestseller "Cloth Doll Artistry"

Cloth Doll in vintage style

Dates: two-days course - 

Place: The Lucerna Palace

Price: 3960,- CZK
(the price includes study, know-how, interpreter, rent...)

Info: Marabelle is traditional textile doll with stitched body, hands, legs and costume. You will learn how to make the doll in vintage style of Barbara Willis. with help of face mask you will be able to create beautiful and tender textile doll face. A great technique for lovers of textile dolls with a bool bestseller author

Min. number of students: 6


Tolls and materials:

Pencil and paper
Pair of sharp scissors
Off white polyester thread
hand sewing needles
Stuffing tool ( I will bring some of my stuffing forks to sell in class if needed)
small embellishments for costume and shoes
small pair of hemostats
1/3 meter of scarf weight silk for pantaloons and torso costume
Pieces of lace for stockings and embellishments as desired for shoes and on the doll
Ribbon for apron ties and hair(silk is best).
Fiber fill to stuff dolls

(French laces, ribbons and small decorations will be possible to buy or to order from the seller of vintage laces who will paricipate at the exhibition Doll Prague)



Pre stitched torso, arms and legs
Each student will get the paper clay mask and knit fabric to cover it and knit fabric to create the back of the head.
I will include the silk organza for the apron( in class I will show them how to pleat on the pleating machine I bring.
I will also include the hair fibers
Leather for the sole for the shoes and card stock for the inner soles
Small piece of backed silk for shoes
Lecturer bring along my color box for facial painting and coloration to share.
Lecturer bring fade away markers to share
Lecturer bring tacky glue to cover the face mask to prepare it for the knit fabric and to attach the hair to share


Kit price: $45.00


In case you are interested in more kit please feel free to contact us.


The lecturer can bring her own stuffing tolls which were very useful during the textile dolls courses in the past. If you want to order please contact us in time.
Price: 370 CZK(15EUR)/
1 piece

Other work of Barbary Willis - Accessories for a doll. Presentation during the course:



  1. Dagmar P.
  2. Eva K.
  3. Viola B.
  4. Božena L.
  5. Helena A.
  6. Hana U.
  7. Věra A.
  8. Markéta S.
  9. Iva M.
  10. Tereza M.
  11. Helena P.
  12. Jiřina K.
  13. Renata A.
  14. Karina S.





03. Tatyana Mokhryakova / EE



Place: The Lucerna Palace

Price: 5940,- CZK

(The price includes study, know how, interpreter, rent,..)


Master class  – How to create classical Teddy Bear with mohair (according to the rules of classical Teddy Bear) of 24 cm  - size

1st day: a bit of history of Teddy Bear, about materials and tools, rules of pattern layout and cutting. We will make and cut patterns and stitch the parts

2nd day: Stuffing the parts with wood wool and sawdust. Will use different granules to give the bear's body stability

3rd day: completing the bear, working on the nose and technique to give the bear vintage look. Costume pattern.

Maximum number of students: 5-7 (individual approach to each student)

Tools and materials:
small sharp scissors, all the rest is included in a kit!!!




pins and discs

metal discs


glass eyes

threads and needles for sewing

threads for nose and paws

sawdust and wood wool for bear

stuffing tools

fabric for a costume


Price of the kit:







  1. Renáta K.
  2. Eva B.
  3. Jana J.
  4. Ewa W.



04. Marina Dorogush

Needle pad in vintage style




Place: The Lucerna Palace

Price: 1980,- CZK

(The price includes study, know how, interpreter, rent,...) 


Info: During the course we will sew the Teddy bear needle pad in vintage style. We will sew the head of classical Teddy bear. You will learn how to stitch  the parts, will learn different stitches, threads used for Teddy bear, will learn how to stuff the head of Teddy bear with wood wool, how to insert discs, how to join the head and front paws to the body (the pad). Then we will learn how to embroider the nose and how to stitch eyes and ears. Then we will decorate the needle pad. You will take your ready needle pad home.


 Max.number of students: 10-12


Course is dedicated for the beginners


 Tools and materials:

1. Small sharp scissors

2. Stitching awl

3. Tweezers around 20cm

4. Stitching needles

5. Long needle to stitch the eyes

6. Ball pins (preferably dark)

7. Small cutting pliers

8. Medical clamps

9. Eyebrow tweezers

10. Mirror on stand

11. Notebook, pencil, if you want to take notes and make some pictures

12. Good mood :) 


 If you do not have any of the instrument required I will provide you at the course. If you have your favourite needle take it with yourself. 




The kit which you can buy from the lecturer:

1.Pattern of the head parts+ partially stitched parts of the needle pad (legs, body, ears)

2. Eyes – 2 pcs

3. Discs for the head and paws - 6 pcs, split pins- 3 pcs, metal washers - 6 pcs

4. Threads for nose and mouth embroidery

5. Threads to stitch the eyes

6. Metal granulate to make the needle pad stable

7. Ribbons and laces to decorate the needle pad

8. Stand in vintage style

9. Pins, beads, buttons

10. Glue


The kit price: 550,- CZK 


Stuffing material and threads will be provided at the course.





Viktoria K.



Payment information


account number:  2000732083/ 2010

Write your name and course name into the recipient message.

Payment from abroad:
Account owner name: ART CZ

Address: V Domcích 53/23, Praha 6, 162 00, Czech Republic

Bank name: Fio banka, a.s. 
account number: 2000732083/2010

IBAN :CZ1620100000002000732083

The participant is responsible for the transaction fees. Bank operation code is: OUR

(in case that the participant does not pay the transaction fees, they will automatically be deducted from the amount sent and his registration will be registered as not fully paid).

If you need payment confirmation please contact courses manager Jana Kucerova.

Jana Kučerová

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