V. mezinárodní výstava profesionálních uměleckých panenek, loutek a medvídků Teddy

V. International Exhibition of Art Dolls, Marionettes and Teddy Bears

V. Международная выставка авторских кукол, марионеток и тедди-медведей


workshops manager: Jana Kučerová

Contact: coursesdp@gmail.com

Bonus for each course (during the show) - ENTRY TO THE DOLL PRAGUE FREE!


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Will be sold during the exhibition or sent to collectors of dolls, teddy bears and marionettes. 
It is a great chance to show and sell your products!

Opening hours 

November 23 – 25,  2018
   Friday:    12.00 - 20.00 
   Saturday:  9.00 - 20.00
   Sunday:    9.00 - 18.30
Friday, November 23, 2018

Workshop information


This year, for the first time ever the workshop led by an artist and designer E.J. Taylor will take place in Czech Republic !



Olga In this workshop students will learn:
- sculpting head and body with Paperclay
- design a costume, 
make pattern, transfer pattern into the decorative paper, cut the pattern, glue parts of pattern
- paint the face with oil paints using special collage, which used in their paintings, drawings and sculptures European artists just like Piccaso, Braque and Matisse in the beginning of 1920's.
This method provides for artist endless design options and costume colors. 

E.J. Taylor

studied fashion design in New York on Parson School. During his study he focused mostly on vintage costumes and studied all the methods of FRENCH COUTURE. He also graduated lessons in Metropolitan Museum Manhattan, Brooklyn Museum and New York Museum at the historical costume department, where his creations were influenced by John Nobl and Diane Vreeland.

website: www.ejtaylor.com


Date of course: 3-days course 20.11-22.11.2018

Place: will be specified

Price: 7000 CZK


Assistant: Valery Bondarenko

Number of students: 6-12

The course is suitable for advanced students.

Tools and materials: will be specified



Helena A.

Martina Ch.

Viktoria K.

Juliet P.

Irina Z.

Monika Ž.

Markéta S.

Zuzana A.K.

Anne S.

Věra A.

Olga A.

Natália F.

Elena P.



Jana F.

Romana V.








01. Anastasia Janovska - DOLL


Date of course: 3-days course 23.11-25.11.2018

10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P. M.

Place: Slovanský dům

Price: 5900 CZK

Info: You will learn how to sculpt head, hands and legs of boudoir doll the way it does outstanding art doll artist Anastasia Yanovskaya. You will also learn how to fix legs and hands to the body, paint eyes and add hair and then you will work on a costume.

Max number of students: 10

The course is suitable both for beginners and advanced artists 

Tools: water towels,  container, hair dryer


The author's kit you will buy directly from the artist at the course. It contains clay, tools, fabrics and paints. Kit price is 25 euro


Price of the kit : 25,00 euro










Hanka U.

Zuzana A.K.

Renáta K.

Eva K.

Karin K.

Natálie K.

Dagmar F.

Markéta S.

Věra A.


Jana F.




Martina Ch.S.    

Jiřina K.




Date of course: 24.11.2018

                           9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Place: Slovansky dum

Price: 1980 CZK

Info: You can sculpt a face, but do you know how to sculpt a specific expression? Marlaine will bring four examples: happy, angry, surprised and arrogant. The students together will choose one or two expressions that we will sculpt together step by step in air dry Darwi clay.

Marlaine also will give a demonstration in painting an expressive face with water colour to emphasize the expression.
Max number of students: 12
The class is suitable for beginners and for advanced doll artists who want to know more about facial expressions.
Tools: Students do not have to bring anything. Just material to pack the little doll and possibly a hair dryer (to speed dry the clay)
Set: Kit fee Euro 4 (includes prepared 7 cm head base and clay to sculpt the head)
Set price: 4,- EUR, to be paid to the lecturer.




Hana B.

Jiřina K. 

Marcela L.

Tetiana B.

Simona S.

Irina D.

Šárka Z.

Viktoria K.

Anne S.

Elena P.

Nancy D.




03. Marina Dorogush - TEDDY BEAR - MY NEW- OLD FRIEND

Date of course: 25.11.2018

                           9:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

Place: Slovanský dům

Price: 1980,- CZK

Info: Students will learn how to sew the original, classic Teddy bear technology.

Max number of students: 10

The course is suitable both for beginners and advanced artist. 

Required Tools:

1. Small manicure scissors with sharp cutting tips.

2. The tailor's awl (preferably cone-shaped).

3. Medical tweezers for padding, 20cm size

4. Needles for stitching parts.

5. Needles long for sewing eyes.

6. Ball point pins (preferably of dark colour).

7. Small pliers with narrowed tips.

8. Medical cartsang for twisting the details.

9. Tweezers for eyebrows.

10. Mirror on the stand.

11. Notebook, pen.


The professional materials set to create a Teddy bear is for 750 CZK

It includes:

1. Bear pattern (sewn part of teddy bear)

2. Eyes- 2 pcs

3. Disks - 10 pcs, washers - 10 pcs, cotter pins - 5 pcs.

4. Embroidary thread for noses

5. Thread for eyes stitching

6. Metal granulate for weighting bears

7.     Stuffing.

8. Ribbons and lace for decorating.


Kit Price: 750,-CZK.



Hana B.

Jiřina K.

Michaela F.

Kateřina S.

Tereza M.

Barbora Ř. 

04. Caroline van Stiphout - MAKE YOUR OWN MOUSE IN A CONE

Date of course: 25.11.2018

Place:Slovansky dum

Price: 1980 CZK

Info: You will make the head of a mouse, learn how to sculpt the face of the mouse, how to change the look of the eyes and create your own mouse head and learn how to use make up for the finishing touch.

Max number of students: 10

The workshop is suitable for beginners, but it is handy if you know how to sew by hand.


Only thing the students need to bring is a small scissors with a fine, sharp point. (embroidery scissors)


Pattern, viscose fabric, cotton fabric, eyes, eyelashes, yarn for nose and eyebrows, needle and pins, pen or pencil, stuffing, a stick to help fill the head, a small standard, two sizes of cones half a styrofoam ball.


Price of the kit : 15,00 euro


* All extra fabrics, yarn, glue, lace, buttons etc. needed for decoration, and the use of tools are included in this workshop.



Milena K.
Marcela L.
Alena D.
Martina V.
Petra B.


Payment information


account number:  2000732083/ 2010

Write your name and course name into the recipient message.

Payment from abroad:
Account owner name: ART CZ

Address: V Domcích 53/23, Praha 6, 162 00, Czech Republic

Bank name: Fio banka, a.s. 
account number: 2000732083/2010

IBAN :CZ1620100000002000732083

The participant is responsible for the transaction fees. Bank operation code is: OUR

(in case that the participant does not pay the transaction fees, they will automatically be deducted from the amount sent and his registration will be registered as not fully paid).

If you need payment confirmation please contact courses manager Jana Kucerova.

Jana Kučerová

Please write down your name and course name in the subject of the email.


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Additional workshops

Bc.A. Eva Hellerová Hodinková - Family carving course – forest creations


 Come and enjoy your imagination becoming a puppeteer for a couple of hours.


Within 3 hours you will create a fully functional puppet. From bones, feathers, scrubs, fur, dried exotic fruits, buttons and other treasures, with hammers, drills, wires    




Eva Hellerová Hodinková


Info. evahodinkova@gmail.com



foto www.evahodinkova.rajce.net




Price:     1 puppet for 900 CZK/3 h.

payment in advance to  1325361183/0800



25.9. 2018

first course – 10:00 – 13:00

second course-  14:00  - 17:00





For beginners and confident puppeteer of all ages, 

from 2 to 10 ages -  with assistant

Bc.A. Eva Hellerová Hodinková - COURSE CARVED HAIR

Date of course: 24.11.-25.11.2018, 10:00 – 17:00(+lunch break)

Place: Art Project - WOOD - Balcony

Price: 3400 CZK

Info: During the course you will learn how to carve wood head with hair tails. 

The lecturer Eva HellerovaHodinkova is a member of world organizationNIADA. She has a range of international awards in Czech Republic, Russia, the Netherlands. Artpiecesof this outstanding artist you can see here:www.evahodinkova.rajce.net

Max number of students: 10

The course is for beginners and progressed artists older than 12 y.o.


  • possible to borrow  from lecturer(300CZK)
  • order of knife set from lecturer.
  • own sharp professional knifes and carving tools.


  • linden-tree blankhead + 2hair-tails

Set price: 500CZK, to be paid to the lecturer.


Course reservation, information and payment is on address: evahodinkova@gmail.com 




Date od course: 23.11.2018 14:00 - 18:30, 24.11.2018 14:00 - 18:30

Location: Art zone - balcony

Price: 4500 CZK

Info:  Make your own stop-motion puppet from scratch with award winning director and doll artist Ozlem Akin. In this 8-hour course you will make a wire armature, sculpt and paint the head, hands, feet, and prepare a simple costume. You will be using a wide variety of materials such as epoxy clay, polymer clay, heat-set oil paints, etc. and learning important tips and tricks about how to design and create characters for stop-motion animation. 

Max number of students: 10

Workshop it's suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced artists.

Tools and materials :

Are included in this workshop.


Order, information and payment:  animacepraha@gmail.com


During the exhibition the other mini courses of film director Ozlem Akin will be held.


Free events :

Ultrafun - Learning to animate:

location: Art zone - balcony


Pictures of 2017 workshops :