Mezinárodní výstava profesionálních uměleckých panenek, loutek a medvídků Teddy

International Exhibition of Art Dolls, Marionettes and Teddy Bears

Exposition internationale de poupées d'art, de marionnettes et d'oursons Teddy

Международная выставка авторских кукол, марионеток и тедди-медведей

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Theme of the exhibition: The wisdom of myths and legends still speaks to us to this day

manager and spokesperson of the exhibition:

Katka Petránková, Rena Isak  e-mail:


In the heart of Prague, the Palace of Lucerna hosts our extraordinary international art exhibition, showcasing a diverse collection of art dolls and puppets. This unique event gathers professional puppetry from 40 countries, featuring the creative works of talented artists hailing from Europe, Asia, and America.


Local puppet masters present captivating artistic projects that add a special allure to the exhibition. Attendees can also delight in complimentary presentations by NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists) members, offering insights into their craft. Additionally, the displays from Czech art schools provide a deep immersion into the captivating world of creativity.


For those eager to expand their artistic horizons, the exhibition offers master classes suitable for enthusiasts of all levels, from amateurs to seasoned professionals. And to complete the experience, visitors can explore the shopping area, offering a wide selection of small art objects, perfect for Christmas gifts, as well as materials to fuel their own creative endeavors.


Our art exhibition promises to captivate art lovers, collectors, and investors alike, while also providing a wonderful opportunity for the general public, including parents with children and students, to discover and appreciate the enchanting world of art dolls and puppets.


Poster 2023

Doll Prague 2023 poster
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Posters from previous years

Art projects

Polish Art Project by Ludmila Bezusko:

Step into the enchanting realm of Tarot with the invitation extended by Polish artist Ludmila Bezusko. Her artistic endeavor unveils each card of the Major Arcana Tarot through meticulously crafted dolls, each imbued with the distinctive symbolism and significance of its corresponding card. Her wellspring of inspiration doesn't solely flow from the Tarot cards themselves, but also from the masterpieces of artists such as Leonora Carrington. This undertaking seamlessly fuses intuition, artistry, and personal introspection. Join us and allow yourself to be swept into the captivating world of Tarot, unraveling the mysteries concealed within these intricate dolls.


Japanese Art Project - Kyo Ohtake School:

Our deep appreciation for Japanese culture and art has brought us into partnership with the esteemed Kyo Ohtake School. Their exceptional craftsmanship blends traditional Japanese elements with a contemporary artistic approach, yielding dolls of deep meaning and captivating aesthetics.

Death, Ludmila Bezusko 


The Japanese Art Project will feature:


Kyou Ohtake

Yumi Morikawa



Ayama KATO




Ann Adachi


Yukeko Nakamura


International Art Project by NIADA:

The exhibition showcases the distinguished involvement of the global coalition of artists known as NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists). Their craft seamlessly fuses artistry, design, and technical expertise, culminating in dolls that truly epitomize the essence of fine art.


Lithuanian Art Project - Anna Zueva:

Anna Zueva, the Lithuanian artist, brings forth unique dolls that beautifully capture emotions, strength, and the delicate essence of human character. Her dolls were presented as the main exposition of the exhibition in 2018, and in 2022, her creation "Dawn" graced the exhibition poster.

But that's not all! Apart from these incredible art projects, there's more to anticipate. You can also look forward to the Estonian art project along with an interactive showcase by the Vyšší odborná škola Praha Žižkov (Higher Vocational School Prague Žižkov). This interactive exhibition will fully immerse you in the world of doll-making and unveil the secrets behind their creation through hands-on demonstrations and interactive elements.

Studio 14, Tallinn

Tatiana Gurina
Nadya Kravchenko
Elena Kuzub
Sveta Alekseeva
Tiina Kaljuste
Tasha Vasilek
Tatiana Mokhryakova
Natalja Volohhonski

Lada Miller
Тatiana Muhina
Тatiana Judina
Svetlana Sorgina



As part of this year's exhibition, there will be an exclusive chance to participate in paid workshops led by world-class artists. They will gladly share their secrets and techniques with the attendees, allowing each participant to create a one-of-a-kind artwork with their own hands.


The workshops will be led by:


Marlaine Verhelst

president of NIADA


Tatiana Gurina

artist from Austria 


Olga Norviliene

artist from Lithuania


Learn more about the workshops here.


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