VII. mezinárodní výstava profesionálních uměleckých panenek, loutek a medvídků Teddy

VII. International Exhibition of Art Dolls, Marionettes and Teddy Bears

VII. Международная выставка авторских кукол, марионеток и тедди-медведей

Contest Doll Prague 2022


Art Dolls/Puppets Competition:

 Theme 2022:

                             Magical world of the theater on wheels

Contest Art Dolls/Puppets Request

Please take a look at the information under the form!

Application deadline is 10/20/2022!

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Art Dolls/Puppets Competition Categories:

1. Main Dolls Category – Thematic


Theme 2022:  "Magical world of the theater on wheels"
 author’s works, all materials - individual doll or composition of 2 or more dolls

categories independent of the theme of the exhibition:


2. Dolls from „compact“ materials
- porcelain doll, ceramic doll, fuser doll-baked, self – hardening material, doll from paper, wooden doll, doll of unusual materiál, doll of author’s own technology

3. Dolls from „soft“ materials
- cloth doll, doll made by felt technique

4. BJD Dolls
- Art Ball-jointed dolls

5. Miniature Dolls

- Dolls up to 15 cm, any material

6. Puppet/ marionette
 - any material

7. Clothing – doll’s costume
- historic, fantasy, contemporary costume, cogency of costume, head – dress, shoes, accessories

8. Composition of dolls
- composition of 2 or more dolls


Special Category for Children age 8-15
Theme: Theater
Maximum size 50 cm total height; no minimum size
Any material


Payment information:

The competition fee includes all DP costs, space, time and labor devoted to the competition. The competition fee does not include the amount of postage. DP is not responsible for any damage to the work that is mailed. The DP is only responsible for those works that are handed over in person and for which a handover report is drawn up. The works will be collected by the competitors or their authorised representatives at the end of the exhibition in the exhibition hall at 6:30 pm.

Contest fee   
1 exhibit:                    350,- CZK / 15,- EUR    
2 exhibits summary:   550,- CZK/ 25,- EUR    
3 exhibits summary:   750,- CZK/ 30,- EUR   
each additional work:   250 CZK / 10 EUR  

Each contestant will receive one free one day pass.


Pay only when you recieve an invoice. The merchant code number is the reference number of your invoice. 


Application form must be sent before 10/20/2022

Name of Beneficiary : ART CZ 

Address of Beneficiary : V Domcích 53/23, Praha 6, 162 00, Czech Republic    

Bank of Beneficiary : Fio banka, a.s. 

Account number : 2000732083/2010 

IBAN : CZ1620100000002000732083 


In a field for recipient state :CONTEST  + your name    

Fee for payment from other country is applicable to participant. Bank operation code is : OUR
(in case the participant doesn't pay for this commission fee, it will be automatically deducted from sent payment and his payment will be recorded as partial).



Contact of contest organizer:  Julia Alexandrova  

( in e-mail subject state: contest + your name)





It will be sell on exhibition and sent collectors of dolls, teddy bears and marionettes. 
It is a great chance to show and sell your products!
Number of pages is limited. Hurry up!

Jury 2022

President of competition:
Marlaine Verhelst / NL
Members of the Jury:
Richard Pešek - CZ

Dagmar Jurčiková- CZ

Tatjana Mokhrjakova  - ES

Jana Kučerová - CZ



The jury will meet on Friday







November 11 2022 at 9.00








o'clock a.m.



Exhibition schedule

Registration for the competition + acceptance of exhibits for the competition: On Thursday 10th of November 2022
03.00 pm - 07.00 pm
 (it is not possible to register into the contest on Friday, November 11th personally or via mail!!)
Awarding ceremony 
(for all exhibition participants unaccompanied)
November 11, 2022
 at 8.30 p.m.
Exhibition opening hours:
Friday:   12:00 - 20:00
Satturday: 09:30 - 19:00
Sunday:     9:30 - 18:30
from 18:30
13th November 2022
Please send your questions to: - Julia Alexandrova