Mezinárodní výstava profesionálních uměleckých panenek, loutek a medvídků Teddy

International Exhibition of Art Dolls, Marionettes and Teddy Bears

Exposition internationale de poupées d'art, de marionnettes et d'oursons Teddy

Международная выставка авторских кукол, марионеток и тедди-медведей

Doll Prague 2024

Art Dolls and Teddy Bears Competition Rules

8 - 10 Nov 2024


The contest for art doll and Teddy bears creators will include 9 categories. The categories from 1 to 4 are for art dolls makers and ones from 5 to 9 are for Teddy bear makers.



Only the pieces that correspond the description of the categories will be accepted. The pieces should not violate the copyright laws.


Each piece can participate only in one category.


Every contestant can present a maximum of three competition works in each category, but only one competition work can win that category.


It does not matter if the piece was published anywhere or participated in other contests earlier.



The competitor has to decide in which competition category the competition works presented. If during the competition organizer or juror considers that competition work does not correspond to the selected category, the competitor may be recommended by alternative category. In the case of disagreement with decision of the competition organizer or juror the competition work will be eliminated from the competition without entitlement to reimbursement of costs.


If there are only 1 or 2 participants in one category the very category will be canceled and the author will be offered to move his/her piece to another category.




Competition organizer resp. juror has the right to exclude competition work from competition if he has serious doubts about the originality of the work or there is doubt about the copyright or any other breach of competition rules. I.e. without refund of the cost.


If the participation not paid by the due date is not paid by the due date the competition work will be disqualified from the competition.



At the end of the contest the award ceremony will be held and all participants will be provided with diplomas.


If due to some reasonable excuse the participant can not personally or via representative deliver the piece to the contest then upon the agreement with the organizer the piece can be sent via post. The address should be agreed with the organizer via e-mail

In case when the piece is sent via post the participant must pay all transportation fees (to and back) and provide the organizer with the address the piece should be sent back to.

The organizer is not responsible for any damage during the transportation.



The organizer does not face consequences in case of vis maior (floods, fire etc.). In case if the organizer is forced to cancel the exhibition and competition for the reasons beyond his control (in case of the government ban on the public events), he will transfer the participation fees (eg registration fee, exhibition spot fee) paid by the participant to the organizer, to the same event in 2025. The organizer is not responsible for other costs of the participants.



The jury

Evaluation of presented competition work, selection the finalists and winners will be ensured by the juries – the jury for art dolls categories and the jury for Teddy Bear categories. The juries will be composed of well-known artists, masters, designers and authorities in the exhibition branch.

The jury will choose the winner of each category (first price)

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria

* Overall appearance

* Quality of workmanship

* Compliance with respective categories

* Expressiveness

After the contest the winners of each 15 category will be announced.

In case there are more than 5 pieces in each category the jury can decide to award additional 2nd and 3rd prices.

Contestants can get a special price of jury members, sponsors and partners of the competition.

Part of the competition will be also award of the visitors of the exhibition.


Login to competition


Applications shall be handed over from the time of the official announcement of the competition on Submission of applications and payment of participation fees is open until September 30, 2024.

To this date, it is necessary to send the following information:


*Completed application which you can find on exhibition web page


- 1 colored photo of each participating piece 10x15 with the resolution of 300 dpi

- Name of the competitor, name of the piece, number of the piece.jpg


* A copy of the payment confirmation


All documents must be sent in electronic form to the e-mail:


Each piece should have the certificate with following information:


1. Name of the piece;

2. Name of the competitor;

3. Year;

4. Material;

5. Edition;

6. Size (in cm).



All additional accessories must be securely attached to the piece. Otherwise the organizer is not responsible for any loss.


Registration of competitors and acceptance of the essays will be held at registration on November 7, 2024.


The contest pieces should be taken away by competitors or their representatives on Sunday, November 10, 2024 before 18:30.


The contest organizer is not responsible for damage to competition exhibit, which was sent by post.

The contest organizer, ART CZ z.s. is responsible for contest pieces that were personally brought by the author and according to signed document.


Photographs and other records from the competition and competition works acquired by the organizers or the person authorized by the organizer of the exhibition DOLL PRAGUE 2024 are the property of the organizer. Competitors signing the application give unlimited while agreement with free use of generated photos and record their works for the needs of presentations, advertising, documentation and other outputs from the competition.



All contest pieces will be published on the exhibition website and social networks (Facebook, Instagram).


The participation fee is for:

1 Exhibit - CZK 350,- / 15 €

2 exhibits a total of CZK 550,- / 25 €

3 exhibits a total of CZK 750,- / 30 €

Each additional exhibit - CZK 250,- / 10 €



Persons who are members of the ART CZ and the person responsible for organizing the competition, ie. the members of the jury and the manager responsible for the organization of the competition cannot participate in a contest




Children's contest:

- children from 8 to 15 years old can take part

– the piece can be done from any material and in any technique

- 1 exhibits 125 krons (5 euros)

- according to the results of the competition, the jury will determine the winner who will receive a diploma of the winner of the children's competition

- all participants of the competition will receive a diploma of the participant of the children's competition

- all contest participants will receive small prizes from the jury and sponsors

Awarding of the winners will be on November 8, 20:30 at the grand opening of the exhibition

Applications from participants are accepted at

To participate in the competition you must send:

- fill out the application for the competition and submit no later than 9/30/2024

- send photo of work

- pay a fee for participation in the competition, (payment is possible at registration)

- provide work for the competition upon registration on November 7, 2024

Children accompanied by one adult who is over 18 years old, who has filled out and signed an application for participation, can take part in the competition.

By participating in the competition, the participant confirms that he understands these conditions for participation in the competition and agrees with them.


By participating in the competition, the participant confirms his consent to the processing of his personal data


by the organizer in order to conduct the competition.




Categories of Art Dolls and Teddy Bears competition

Doll Prague 2024

8. - 10. 11. 2024


The main Theme of the exhibition and contest:


"Music is the language of emotion" (Bedřich Smetana)


Art Dolls:

1. Main Dolls Category – Thematic


Topic Theme 2024: "

"Music is the language of emotion" (Bedřich Smetana)

- author’s works, all materials

- individuall doll or composition of 2 or more dolls


2. Dolls from „compact“ materials:

- porcelain doll, ceramic doll, fuser doll-baked, self – hardening material, doll from paper, wooden doll, doll of unusual material, doll of author’s own technology


3. Dolls from „soft“ materials:

- cloth doll, doll made by felt technique


4. Composition of dolls:

- composition of 2 or more dolls


Special Category for Children age 8-15

"Music is the language of emotion" (Bedřich Smetana)

Maximum size 50 cm total height; no minimum size

Any material


Teddy Bears:


5. Main Teddy Bears Category – Thematic

Theme 2024: 

"Music is the language of emotion" (Bedřich Smetana)


- Teddy Bears of all sizes, made by any technique, with or without clothes

- Teddy Bear’s Friend

- individuall Teddy Bear/Teddy Bear‘s Friend or composition of 2 or more Teddy Bears/Teddy Bear‘s Friends


6. Classic Teddy bear – art bear of 12 to 50 cm made from mohair in accordance with the traditional technology. Usage of small amount of accessories and cloth’s details is allowed.


7 . Teddy Bear miniature – Teddy Bear, Teddy bear’s friend with or without clothes, clothes, size max. 12 cm


8. Teddy Bear’s Friend, size 12-50 cm.

The Teddy bear’s friend is any single animal (not bear) with or without cloths. Doll can also be bear’s friend.


9. Teddy bear — creative - Art fantasy bear made from any materials.




Special Category for Children age 8-15

Theme: Theater

Maximum size 50 cm total height; no minimum size

Any materia



Manager of the competition: Julia Alexandrova

The organizer of the competition: ART CZ z.s.

President of the competition: Marlaine Verhelst